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Renew Hair Clinic is a professional hair transplant clinic where our Doctor Specialist, an experienced medical practitioner with almost 20 years of experience and a certified hair transplant specialist performs some of the most successful hair transplants with professional equipment and methods which offer the most desirable hair transplant results.
At Renew Hair Clinic there are teams of hair specialists that can provide you with the most wanted look by enhancing your hair density in cases of hair loss (alopecia, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata) caused by several different causes but all successfully treatable with the surgical and non-surgical hair transplant sessions.
Renew Hair Clinic’s staff consists in highly trained cosmetic and hair transplant specialists who use only the latest technology and medical-cosmetic techniques. Their experience and ingenuity in this field empowers them to offer you even non-surgical hair treatments and hair loss prevention methods that ensure satisfying results. In order to satisfy all patients’ needs, the staff of Renew Hair Clinic is trained to perform surgical and non-surgical hair transplants to people of all ages, hair and skin type, for women and young adults.
If you’re interested in finding more details about how can hair loss be treated and under what circumstances you need a surgical or non-surgical hair transplant, please contact and book a consultation at Renew Hair Clinic and our team of experienced cosmetic specialists will give you all the information and service you need.

“Modern hair transplant laser assisted techniques are creating amazing medical oportunities for each of us to feel confident again!.”

— Doctor Specialist

Hair Transplant Clinic _ Affordable hair transplant

photo Renew Hair Clinic offers both men and women the latest and highly effective hair restoration and hair replacement procedures available.

  • Hair transplant techniques with long lasting results
  • Affordable hair transplant treatments
  • Permanent hair restoration laser assisted treatments
  • FUT Hair Transplant
  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • Minimal post-operative recovery time
  • Microscopic scars in donor area are almost invisible
  • No need to visit surgeon again for stitch removal
  • Larger areas of baldness can be covered with FUT transplant

Meet Our Doctors

  • Hair transplant specialist

    Doctor Specialist

        Clinic Lead

    Doctor Specialist, an experienced medical practitioner with close to 20 years of experience in the industry. He is well established and renowned in the area of Warwickshire....