The Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is an effective treatment against alopecia and it requires no downtime 

Hair is one of the most impor­tant phys­i­cal fea­tures and its loss might cause severe self-con­fi­dence issues and frus­tra­tion. Although alope­cia, as it is sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly known, is more com­mon in men, women can also suf­fer from hair loss due to var­i­ous rea­sons: stress, mal­nu­tri­tion, sud­den weight loss or even can­cer.
There are var­i­ous alope­cia treat­ments rang­ing from med­ica­tion to non-sur­gi­cal treat­ments and even sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant. How­ev­er, for peo­ple in whom hair loss drugs have shown no effect and they are also not qual­i­fied for sur­gi­cal hair restora­tion surgery, Renew Skin & Health Clin­ic rec­om­mends the Platelet Rich Plas­ma Ther­a­py (PRP).
The Platelet Rich Plas­ma Ther­a­py is a non-sur­gi­cal hair restora­tion pro­ce­dure rec­om­mend­ed by Renew Skin & Health Clin­ic. This is an out­pa­tient pro­ce­dure which con­sists in the col­lec­tion of blood from a patient suf­fer­ing from hair loss and the extrac­tion, through cen­trifu­ga­tion and sep­a­ra­tion, of the platelet rich plas­ma. This plas­ma is then inject­ed in the scalp of the patient under local anes­the­sia. The goal is to cause a minor trau­ma to the der­mis – at the deep­er lev­el of the skin – and thus stim­u­late cells to start the nat­ur­al heal­ing process of the dam­aged ones, the main cause of hair loss.
The PRP non-sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant pro­ce­dure has proven high­ly effi­cient in our patients and this is because first of all, this type of hair restora­tion is safe and nat­ur­al since our spe­cial­ists are using the patient’s own blood to stim­u­late the heal­ing process and trig­ger hair regen­er­a­tion. More­over, since local anes­the­sia is used, the pro­ce­dure is also pain­less and it lasts for only 1 hour, requir­ing no down­time.
At Renew Skin & Health Clin­ic you can ben­e­fit from the PRP ther­a­py pre-oper­a­tive­ly, intra-oper­a­tive­ly or post oper­a­tive­ly, after a hair trans­plant. How­ev­er, it is our prac­ti­tion­ers who will rec­om­mend you the most suit­able course of action after assess­ing your med­ical his­to­ry and eval­u­at­ing you hair loss con­di­tion.
Stud­ies have shown that reg­u­lar or at least semi­an­nu­al PRP treat­ments sig­nif­i­cant­ly enhance hair growth. This is why many of our patients opt to under­go the PRP ther­a­py every three to four months in order to ben­e­fit from max­i­mum hair restora­tion results.
If you suf­fer from alope­cia and you are inter­est­ed in ben­e­fit­ting from one of the most mod­ern, non-sur­gi­cal and long last­ing hair treat­ments such as the Platelet Rich Plas­ma Ther­a­py, you can book an appoint­ment at Renew Skin & Health Clin­ic and receive all the nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion before under­go­ing the pro­ce­dure. Our experts will make sure you ben­e­fit from max­i­mum cos­met­ic results with min­i­mal efforts and under rea­son­able costs.

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