Benefit now from Renew Hair Clinic’s professional and safe hair restoration treatments performed through surgical and non-surgical hair transplants with excellent cosmetic results that will restore your natural hair’s beauty and thickness.

If you are suf­fer­ing from alope­cia or oth­er con­di­tions or dis­or­ders trig­ger­ing hair loss, Renew Skin & Health Clin­ic has a wide range of hair restora­tion solu­tions in store for you. The sur­gi­cal and non-sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant pro­ce­dures avail­able for peo­ple in Here­ford are safe and high­ly effec­tive, help­ing you restore your beau­ti­ful and thick hair, as well as your self-con­fi­dence.
Hair trans­plants in Here­ford should always be per­formed by hair spe­cial­ists and sur­geons as to meet your end expec­ta­tions. At Renew Hair Clin­ic, we pro­vide you with both sur­gi­cal and non-sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant options, hence if you want to obtain per­ma­nent results in hair restora­tion, you can choose from the FUE and FUT sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant pro­ce­dures. FUE or Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Extrac­tion is less inva­sive, as the healthy hair fol­li­cles are extract­ed from the donor area with a punch tech­nique, leav­ing no scar­ring. The FUT or Fol­lic­u­lar Unit Trans­plan­ta­tion leaves a lin­ear scar in the donor area, as the hair fol­li­cles are indi­rect­ly extract­ed from a strip of tis­sue that is sur­gi­cal­ly removed from the donor area. While the FUE hair trans­plant in Here­ford takes more time to be com­plet­ed, the FUT pro­ce­dure is faster and the scar can be con­cealed by leav­ing your hair grow a bit longer. Both pro­ce­dures ensure per­ma­nent hair restora­tion, by implant­i­ng healthy hair into the patient’s alope­cia or hair loss affect­ed areas, hair that will grow nor­mal­ly, restor­ing your nat­ur­al hair thick­ness and den­si­ty.
If how­ev­er you would pre­fer a non-sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant in Here­ford, you can always choose from oth­er three hair restora­tion options. The monofil­a­ment, polyurethane or lace trans­par­ent and light mem­brane, infused with nat­ur­al hair that match­es yours per­fect­ly and which is attached to your scalp with a spe­cial adhe­sive, being water and sweat resis­tant. The Platelet-Rich Plas­ma Ther­a­py or PRP which uses the patient’s own blood from which plas­ma is extract­ed through cen­trifu­ga­tion and sep­a­ra­tion, the result being inject­ed into the alope­cia affect­ed scalp, caus­ing minor trau­ma and thus stim­u­lat­ing the cell’s own regen­er­a­tion and trig­ger­ing hair regrowth. And the last but not least of the non-sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant pro­ce­dures in Here­ford is the laser light ther­a­py, which uses low wattage “cold light” to stim­u­late hair regrowth with­out caus­ing any dam­age to the skin.
Pri­or to any of the sur­gi­cal or non-sur­gi­cal hair trans­plants in Here­ford, our Renew Skin & Health Clin­ic will ask you to under­go a spe­cial­ized con­sul­ta­tion dur­ing which we can assess your med­ical his­to­ry, cur­rent health con­di­tion and deter­mine the exact cause and degree of sever­i­ty of your hair loss con­di­tion. Only then can we rec­om­mend a hair trans­plant or hair restora­tion pro­ce­dure that best meets your require­ment in terms of treat­ment and cos­met­ic results.
Con­tact our Renew Hair Clin­ic Head Office and sched­ule an appoint­ment with one of our hair experts and you will be able to ben­e­fit from the excel­lent cos­met­ic results ensured by the pro­fes­sion­al hair restora­tion treat­ments. Put an end to your hair loss in the most effec­tive way pos­si­ble and restore your self-con­fi­dence!

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