There are surgical and non-surgical hair restoration treatments available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic applied by specialized plastic surgeons who assure you exceptional results. FUE and FUT are the most often performed surgical hair transplant in Nottingham during which the hair specialists use high quality equipment.

Every­body val­ues hair because it is a very impor­tant fea­ture which can cause seri­ous prob­lems if it los­es its aes­thet­ic and healthy look. If it comes to that, dras­tic mea­sures must be tak­en in order to restore the hair’s nat­ur­al and beau­ti­ful look. If you suf­fer from hair loss or bald­ness, hair con­di­tions which can also be called alope­cia, then we rec­om­mend you to con­tact our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clin­ic to sched­ule an appoint­ment for a pro­fes­sion­al con­sul­ta­tion and we assure you that you will be in the best hands.
The plas­tic sur­geons at our Renew Hair Clin­ic have many years of expe­ri­ence behind them and have become renowned for their incred­i­ble results which will sim­ply amaze you. Once you walk through the clinic’s doors you can expect the best, because they will most cer­tain­ly do their work prop­er­ly and pre­cise­ly as always.
The hair trans­plant pro­ce­dures in Not­ting­ham can be per­formed on every­one, but dur­ing a pro­fes­sion­al con­sul­ta­tion, the spe­cial­ized plas­tic sur­geons at Renew Skin & Hair Clin­ic will run some tests and ana­lyze your med­ical his­to­ry in order to make sure that both the sur­gi­cal and non-sur­gi­cal hair restora­tion treat­ments can be applied, so you could also be able to choose from a wider range of pos­si­bil­i­ties.
The non-sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant in Not­ting­ham, at Renew Hair Clin­ic, is safe and non-inva­sive and con­sists in the place­ment of a very thin mem­brane infused with nat­ur­al hair on the patient’s scalp which will give the impres­sion of nat­u­ral­ly healthy hair. The prod­uct is made of lace, monofil­a­ment or polyurethane and it is pre­cise­ly made to fit the patient’s head shape and their hair’s tex­ture and col­or. There are two more non-sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant meth­ods applied at Renew Skin & Health Clin­ic, one that uses the Platelet Rich Plas­ma ther­a­py dur­ing which the Platelet cells, obtained from cen­trifu­ga­tion of the patient’s own blood, stim­u­late the affect­ed ones and make your hair grow thick­er and more beau­ti­ful. The third one is the laser light ther­a­py which caus­es no dam­age what­so­ev­er as it stim­u­lates hair growth as well with the use of a low wattage “cold light”.
The fol­lic­u­lar unit extrac­tion or FUE and the fol­lic­u­lar unit trans­plan­ta­tion or FUT are sur­gi­cal hair trans­plant pro­ce­dures in Not­ting­ham per­formed by spe­cial­ized plas­tic sur­geons at Renew Skin & Health Clin­ic using ster­il­ized med­ical tools and rev­o­lu­tion­ary equip­ment. Both of these sur­gi­cal hair restora­tion meth­ods con­sist in the extrac­tion of nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring 1 to 4 strands of hair from the back of the patient’s head which is called the donor area and their trans­plan­ta­tion to the area of the scalp affect­ed by hair loss or bald­ness also called the recip­i­ent area. The way the fol­lic­u­lar units are extract­ed is what makes the dif­fer­ence between the sur­gi­cal FUE and the FUT hair trans­plant pro­ce­dures in Not­ting­ham.
Dur­ing the safe FUE surgery the fol­lic­u­lar units are care­ful­ly extract­ed from the donor area one by one, while in the case of the pain­less FUT surgery a strip-har­vest­ing tech­nique is used, mean­ing that an entire strip of tis­sue is removed from the donor area. The sur­gi­cal FUT hair trans­plant pro­ce­dure in Not­ting­ham is known to be faster than the FUE, but it leaves a lin­ear scar, which can how­ev­er be con­cealed by let­ting your hair grow a bit longer than usu­al.
Because it pro­vides high­ly trained, spe­cial­ized plas­tic sur­geons, high qual­i­ty tools and pro­fes­sion­al equip­ment which guar­an­tee excep­tion­al hair restora­tion results that will help you regain you self-esteem as your hair will get its healthy look back, Renew Skin & Health Clin­ic is your best option.

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